Real Life Love.

I know. 
You've heard I have a Godson. 
Sorry, but it comes up frequently for me. 

I know. 
You've heard I'm obsessed with documenting the real moments of life. 
Sorry, but it is just too beautiful to pass up. 

I know. 
You've heard I love books, red wine, and Jesus. 
Sorry, but they are all too yummy to inhale to not talk about often. 

These images. Agh. They are all of this goodness in one. 

My Godson and his....well...Grandma? But that doesn't feel right. Mawmaw? No. She's not from Giles. Mimi? She's not pretentious so no. Abuela? She's not Lindsey's Madre in Law, so no. I have no clue what she's going by - but she's the bomb. 
So, my godson, Jane's son, and thebomb.

And - Sarah Cramer, a photographer I really admire and is amazing (oh to have her be a mentor and get in her brain) took some really great photos of the babe here.


1 comment:

  1. Miss that family like crazy. Want to meet that baby like even crazier.



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