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Danielle + Ben |Merried|

I've always sort of admired this bride and groom from a distance.  They have this faith - that I think may really move mountains.  They are genuine and intense.  Two things I love.  So, when they asked if I would do something crazy and photograph their wedding at Folly Beach I said, "Sure." (Of course I didn't plan the driving through the night with a Staph Infection, but the day was totally worth it). 

If I had to think of a word to describe this day it would be Holy. 
Weddings are holy. That sort of comes with the territory.

But this wedding felt especially holy as I watched all these wonderful people gather in front of God's ocean and witness Danielle and Ben make promises to one another and Him.  

Thin place. That's what the whole area felt like - from the beauty of the first look and all the imagery that went wild in my heart about the Divine Romance to the sunset during the ceremony. 

These two are really lovely- I'm just so grateful I could be a part of their day.  My cup runneth over. 

wedding gifts were hope art jewelry - VERY cool idea.



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