Beautiful Things #6

To be honest, I totally forgot about "surrounding myself with beautiful things," something I previously stated I wanted to do more.  This may show you my busyness as of late - and running around - possibly to avoid the thins I want to avoid.

That said, I want to go back to beautiful things. God is in beautiful things, moments, people. So, here I am again, sharing some beauty I found on my way to see Cora during our last snow.

My friend Pam.
She is beautiful.  The way she loves others is beautiful. The way she plays with her children and cares for them - that's beautiful.

I'm so thankful God put her as our group leader during a retreat a few years back. She speaks life and she knows the source of life so intimately.

This particular day - I loved watching her giggle and play with her children.  She gives. That's beautiful too.  Even when she is knee deep in motherhood, work, and life, she always looks me straight in the eye and asks, "How are you doing?" And even when I mumble something incoherent, she welcomes me to spend time with her.  I'm telling you. Just talking about her makes me want to run up the road and knock on her door now.

So. Beautiful Things. Are Here.


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