Engaged. Betrothed. A Pre-Promise if you Will.

I really think God can be so ridiculous sometimes. Ridiculous in a gracious sort of way - not in the way I can get when I get mad about my mom using my macintosh apples for fruit salad instead of red delicious. (I may have been a brat this AM, but I'm in rehab for that).  
God can be ridiculous like this: 
Brandon: "Jess really wants snowy engagement pictures, but this winter has been so mild, I doubt that's happening."
Me: "Yeah, totally, I doubt it will snow at all, lets just do them in February and plan on a warm shoot."
Brandon: "K."

And then, fast forward a month, and what do we have? 
God being all ridiculous like, "Hey, I want you to have some fun snowy pictures Jess why? Because I love you and I can do things like make snow (amongst an infinity number of other things)."
And there we were. Running in the snow, watching cows go wild, and finally trying to find a baby calf his home.  They were so fun, and I cannot wait for the big day in Memphis. Anyone wanna tour Graceland with me? (Josie, may I crash with your mom? Or at least drink a cup of coffee with her? everyone says she is awesome, but I don't know her) 

Memphis 2012 one requirement: Gold Elvis Glasses. 

I should also mentioned I loved photographing them for a lot of reasons.  I've known Brandon forever - and a day, Jess looks like one of my favorite people AKSBC AKA Anna Kate of Idaclare, and she had a free people scarf on. #love

I would go on choosing you
And you would
go on choosing me
Over and over again…(stole from "I like You" via Idaclare)

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