Realini, Beautifulini, Dorlini

I absolutely loved this early morning.  This is a family I've been with before - and always like the spunky nature of their little gals.  But now, they've got a new little man and this was my first time meeting Sir Tyson.  (No, he is not a knight yet, but I know he will be chivalrous).  We shot early to get all the youngins pre-meltdown.  I was welcomed with a deliciously strong cup of coffee - an Americano to be exact- and it is my love language.  Between that, the hipster music keeping everyone happy in the background and this beautiful momma.
I was in photography heaven.
I love how this family let's it unwind - naturally.  I hope when they look back at our shoots many years from now - it will bring them vivid memories of what real life was like with three kids under 4 (close to it) and how wild and crazy it was.  Because, if you know me, you know I believe a lot of beauty rests in between the wild and crazy.  Full Life. I love it. I eat it up.

We let the morning unfold - no stress - and no tears.  It was great.

note: dottie coming through the secret passage in the background


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