Beautiful Things.

I'm glad 2011 is over.
I wanted it to be over for a while.
God taught me so much, and for that - I am a grateful gal.
But it was painful - and I'm excited to be a bit out of that and ready for what is next.
Be it pain -

While I was in a rather nasty spot - a friend told encouraged me as he said, "Surround yourself with beauty."

And that I've done.
Through the beauty of people - their faces - loves -children - I saw God.
Through His creation.
Through beautiful words.
I saw Him.

Seeing Him makes all the difference.
Even when I may want to tell you differently.
So in 2012. I want to continue to surround myself in beauty.  Whether that be through photographs, words, or stories.
Beauty it shall be.
Because, I know a man who is in the business of making beautiful things.

I won't do it everyday - I know better than to promise something like that to myself or to the blog-o-cyber-world
But I want to share beauty.
This video, my friends, is beauty.
Check out the work of the Zoe Foundation.

Putting the orphans in families.
That is beauty.
I'm done rambling.
I just needed to see this - and maybe you did too.


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