From Our Home to Yours.

I keep meaning to settle down and talk about this new year - what I'm excited about - praying for - etc.  I want to take time to reflect on 2011 - but I think all this may take a while - and not happen so publicly.

In all my Tahoe fun with my pals - I forgot to give you our really savvy greeting card from the Christmas photobooth leftovers. I swear that booth is the gift that keeps giving.

That said, Barb and I wanted to wish all our pals a Happy New Year - from our home to yours.
Yes, I live at home.
Yes my mom does my laundry from time to time.
Yes I get told to take out the garbage.
Yes I bought us coordinating jackets.
Yes we took a photo with them.
Yes I'm 27.

Isn't Barb just the cutest thing?

Barb got a little sleepy......


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