Today is Christmas Eve!!!  Jesus is about to pop out and everything change!
I love that about Him.

While we were preparing our house for a rockin' party to celebrate the baby Jesus with all our friends in Giles - we had to stop for a little production.

You see, we miss our friend Lindsey "really really much."
I'm all for taking legal action to get this family back to the east coast.

But for now, we made a really stupid video and sent it to her. Why? Because her little girls keep singing it over and over. And maybe because I performed a dance solo to this once in a sequined santa suit.

And because I haven't heard back - and I giggle every time I watch this stupid thing.
I"m putting in on here for the world to see.

I always exercise good judgement I think.

Celebrate Jesus! In a beard. In a hat. With your family or on your own.
Just Celebrate HIM!


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