It's Christmas! The last place I should be is here on the interwebs.
But, here is the family Christmas Card for 2011.
Note: It has been 15 years since our last Christmas card.
Note 2: There are way more pictures here of me and my crew than you want to see or need to see. However, I have no babies so this is what you get. Someday.....maybe...eh? Too much? 
Just know, that I know this could look sort of self centered. 
I hope it isn't. 

We started to celebrate Emmanuel last night with a rockin' party with half of Giles County and MAW's great cookin - photos to come SOON.

I love this time of year. I love the baby Jesus. I hope you are celebrating with your pals and family today.

Now, its on to more mayonnaise based dips and peanut butter balls for round two.

Merry Christmas!


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