Christmas Eve Eve!

I just realized it is Christmas Eve Eve.
Advent has almost gone....and while some days I've run around crazy forgetting to carry a sense of expectation in my heart -
expectation for Him not the after Christmas sales.

Although, I hit those hard.

There have been moments in this advent that I have longed so deeply for Jesus - that it makes me giddy for all the bells and whistles of tomorrow night.
A few Advent-y things that have encouraged me:

My sweet, talented, and awesome friend Elizabeth has had a great daily series on Advent over at Long to Love.  She was even nice enough to let me post.

Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas has a little book that I've loved.  The online version was great too.

And because I love a photograph - or a gajillion - the many sessions I've squeezed in here and there between my real job have been fantastic.

My friend Emma came by the other day.  It was too cold to go outside so we stayed in the little merry studio.  We played - she smiled. I tempted her with a cookie, she smiled. And the game went on.

Her excitement and passion even as a little thing - had me excited to experience this Christmas - Jesus Birthday - Jesus coming - with innocence and wide eyed wonder.


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