I met Marissa when she was in high school and living down the street from where we held a weekly Bible study.  Between Bodo's Bagels and coffee we became friends and comrades in the journey.

Now - she's ministering and loving high school folks in Botetourt County, VA - and I am so grateful.  As I transition from one season to the next I'm looking for things that bring life.

And this photo brought me life as I thought about how creative the creator can be.

Love you Marissa. You are beautiful and kind and have such a beautiful heart.

PS - Brittany - clearly this is from your wedding....I'm making progress!


1 comment:

  1. haha! LOVE IT! I was so excited to see this pic of Marissa and to read your little blog to her I didnt even notice it was from the wedding until the shout out!



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