Maggie | Our Newest Voter.

As someone who adores her babysitter and cries at the thought of her tender heart - I hold the role in high esteem.  To get to care for someone's child is a big task - even if it is pizza and a movie - I always wanted to make that pizza and a movie COUNT - you know?  Bring life. and joy. 

I'm not entirely sure how I ended up landing the babysitting gig I did in college, but I'm pretty sure it was Providence and Lindsey.  

 So - my sweet sweet Maggie - how do I tell you how grateful I am for our adventures and Tom Petty Sing a Long sessions?  Or our cruises and Easter Services in our hotel room?  I'm grateful - and getting to see you recently, and the whole family- was a blessing.  

Happy Birthday.  I hope this year, you continue to explore life - and who you are, and who He is making you to be. 

Love you. 


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