America has some amazing warriors.
People warrior on in all sorts of amazing ways - some traditional and some not traditional.
Both are beautiful.

I had the chance to make a crazy dash to NYC for the day with a best friend, Jenny Reed- a fellow warrior in the soul searching arena.  We went to NYC to welcome some very accomplished and special warriors home.  Congrats to Wade and the crew for completing a cross country bicycle trek in amazing time.  (I took 3 months they took like a minute....okay 9 days or something crazy) 

They were raising money for a great cause - please check it out here at the Travis Manion Foundation. 

God Bless America.  I love this place and her people.

hey mom. yes we are in nyc. no, i'm not staying. yes i came up for the day. no there is no nice dinner or lunch included. yes i rode a bus.  yes i'm tired. yes i work tomorrow. love you bye.

we have no clue how we actually got tickets to this thing....somehow. someone.

I was so into this child.

so proud!


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