Allison + Tim | Matrimony

We used to sit up late in our freezing apartment talking about life and Jesus and boys and our sometimes messy hearts.  We dreamed and schemed - remodeled and painted.  She was my roomate and yes, at times we wore matching sweatsuits around the house, citing them as our uniforms.  Her family embraced me and I've been known to crash with them around various parts of the country from time to time.  We adopted a cat together and then had to give it up because, well, we didn't like it.  We had some great shared experiences.   It was a match made in Star City Heaven.

Allie to some, Allison to others, and yet Allie Cat to a few more - blessed me so much during those early 20-something years and still blesses me.  Her heart is unreal.  Soft and tender she loves people so deeply and you feel it in her hugs. 

When she told me she was falling for a man I was so excited for her, but a bit protective because her heart - as I mentioned is amazing and sometimes...people with amazingly tender hearts get stomped upon. 
But this man is the real deal.  Tim is awesome and I could not be happier that he and Allie will spend their life partnering together.  When they asked if I would photograph their day I grew giddy.  I LOVE photographing weddings - and getting to be with people you have a deep history with is just icing on the cake.  (speaking of cakes hers were off the chain).   

The rain almost ruined the day.  Tim said he wouldn't cry. 
The rain did not ruin the day, it made the skies scrumptious with light. 
Tim did cry when they had their first look.  (In the Barrel Room thanks to the rain).  
The day was sweet and redemptive and sealed with a double rainbow. 
Yes. There was a double rainbow at this wedding. DOUBLE RAINBOW.

So, I'm excited to swap out my spot of sitting with Allie in a freezing apartment talking about life and Jesus and boys and messy hearts to Tim - may you both sit in your warm cozy house talking about life and Jesus and your kids and your messy hearts for ever. and ever. and ever.
and ever. 

Praising the Lord for clear skies!!!

totes loved this little gal.....hard...all day long.

allie's one request - hand photos with her grandma and great granmda.....i loved it. 

a merrystudios couple just months after their big day!

sister tore up the dance floor with grandpa ron!  loved it. 

Brides Dress: Watters,  L&H bridal, Philadelphia. Groom: JoS A Banks.  The Eats: L'etoile, Charlottesville, VA. Pre Wedding Venue: The Storefront, Staunton, VA.  Wedding Venue: Barren Ridge Vineyard, Staunton, VA. Bridesmaid: Watters, Amanda Richie's Baltimore Flowers: Susan Roepke "FlowerFields, Staunton, VA.  

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