Bridesmaiding 101

Weddings are fun and joyful. 
No one will deny that. 
But they're also a TON of work for someone.  Most often, the close friends and family of the couple rally together to make the day perfect, beautiful, unforgettable, and smooooooth. 

Often, when I'm photographing a wedding I'll be running around following others running around and then they'll look at their watch and say something like, "Oh my gosh, I've got to get ready!" Followed by a quick dash to the bathroom, a dress change, and a bit of lipstick of course. 

One of the most crucial roles on a wedding day is that of a Bridesmaid.  Sure, they dress up and look beautiful beside the bride but they also fill a myriad of roles.  During the Wedding Boom of 2006-2008 I had the HONOR to be a Bridesmaid in some dear friends' weddings.  Hopefully, I was helpful....but I think more often than not, I ran around and ate the snacks, told silly jokes, and did anyone's hair who would let me.  

But a few tips for Bridesmaids that I've noticed from witnessing some WONDERFUL Gals out there.
1.  Bring food and drinks.   You can never have too many of these things before a wedding. 
2.  Music!  The last wedding I did (Sweet Amanda's below) had some great tunage in the "pre-ceremony" time.  Dance parties are important to loosen everyone up. 
3.  Bring all your counseling tools.  People get stressed. Caterers may melt down on you or a stressed family member.  Be ready to love on them. 
4.  Bring extra earrings.  Someone may forget theirs. 
5. Be ready to serve.  The day isn't really about the Bridesmaid....although you're a supporting actress in a beautiful drama.  Keep your eyes peeled for anyway to help the bride or her mother on this day. 
6. Two Words: Lip Stain
7.  Know your pal.  Think of something for her on this day - whether she loves Sweet Tarts or new nail polish....you know how to love her....and maybe it is deeper than food and make up but you know what I mean. 
8.  Come ready to celebrate your pals.  A joyful spirit over their big day goes a LOOONG way. 

Amanda and one of her gals below.  She had some incredible friends alongside her that day.  


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