Rad Pals.

I've started this new thing - I blame it all on my new baby/love/obsession....the 1.2 50 mm lens. 
It is the best thing I've ever received from Amazon.com. 

That said, I JUST LOVE the way this puppy captures people.  So, while I've always been known for taking lots of photos - this new toy/investment/tool has sent me over the edge.  I've gone nutso. 

So, this new thing I've started.....unabashedly asking people I love and spend time with in every day life - to let me take their photo.  It could be in a nice setting or in the grocery store - but I'm on the prowl for the people I love faces. in my camera. no excuses.  
(of course of course,  I respect people who do not want to be photographed....let alone blogged about)

So, this new thing I've started.....begins with the photo and then goes into a blog post.  I love loving people.  I've got some real gems in my little life - so as a way to practice photography and some fun writing.....I'm starting "Rad Pals."  Likely, in true form, if I start a series, it will flop. But, I just love these people enough that this one may fly.  And, of course, if it doesn't fly- I still love them, I just happen to be frazzled/spread thin/unfocused. 

(Can you tell I'm into triplicate/multiple/varied description today?)

So, this new thing I've started....was inspired also by my friend Kim.  She's an amazing artist - and did an interview series a few weeks back.  She even included this wild gal.....She inspires me to cut loose - create - be really open to who He has made me to be.....so, she's rad. 

She had birthday coffee with me a few weeks back and gave me a great painting you'll see below.  I like to try to get as many Kim Bonner Originals as I can - they are fantastic.  

Here's an interview we recently sat down for over the Internet....enjoy and check out her work
When did you realize you wanted to be an artist? 
Hmmm... well, I've always enjoyed art. I took as many art classes as I could when I was in school, but when it got to be my senior year of High School, someone told me that I really needed to pick a major that would make me money, because artists hardly ever make money. So, I chose graphic design instead. I enjoyed design, but after six or seven years of designing what made other people happy I decided to try to create things that made me happy instead. The last few years have been a journey of finding my artistic voice and using it to bring beauty and joy to the world around me.
Since God is a super creator and artist, let me ask you this: If God was having an art day what medium do you think he would use?
Clouds. Stars. Water. I think the world is his media. We just use paint and chalk and charcoal try to replicate what is already there. 

If you could be a designer for any one item/brand/company - who would it be?
Can I be a total nerd and say fifty/50? It's a card company that I started this year. The name comes from the fact that we donate 50% of the profits to organizations that help children and teens. I am always looking for ways to use the arts to help make a difference, so it seemed like the perfect solution. And I love that I get to have fun with the design of the identity and products.

You live in Michigan. What is cool about Michigan?
We say "pop" instead of soda. 
The further up north you go, the more awesome our accent gets. 
"If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you." (That's the state motto - I love it.)
Who is your favorite artist? 
I have a really hard time picking favorites. I've always liked Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt. I remember one of the first artists that I fell in love with was Marc Chagall. I loved how colorful his works were, and how sweet his relationship with his wife was. I mean, how can you not love a line like, "Her silence is mine, her eyes mine. It is as if she knows everything about my childhood, my present, my future, as if she can see right through me"?

What is your favorite boy band?
The original boy band: The Monkees!

If you had to choose between a rabbit and a pet squirrel what would you choose? 
Pet squirrel. Preferably a flying one.

 Finish this sentence, "I want my art to....."
1. Speak truth: that every person is valuable and worthy of love.
2. Inspire. I want people to be encouraged to follow their dreams and make their own adventures.
3. Make Change. I hope that through the sales of my work I can support causes that I believe in, and I hope that people feel that they are a part of something bigger when they purchase my work. I also hope that my art touches places in people's hearts that makes them decide to go make some change of their own as well.


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  1. "Clouds. Stars. Water. I think the world is his media. We just use paint and chalk and charcoal try to replicate what is already there."... totally made me tear up. You are beautiful inside and out, Mary.



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