La Grange. Texas.

My pal Beth told me La Grange was "just the cutest town" in Texas.  So of course, I took a hard right and passed through this town while I was in the Lone Star State a few weeks back.  

Beth, as usual, was correct - it is  cute and I liked it.  I played in some wildflowers and thought about just taking a nap in a field. The bugs deterred me. 

While I think my favorite Hill Country Town lies a bit north of La Grange - I will give it two thumbs up. But the wild flowers - they are really about 6 thumbs up. 



  1. Love Texas. Love you. Meow!

  2. I'm totally biased (as a displaced Texan), but those are beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you got to enjoy wildflower season in Texas and that you shared them with us.



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