Avery + Jessie

Jessie and I went to high school together and played volleyball together.  She was very athletic and super nice.  Avery was hilarious and a daredevil.  So much so, he jumped into the water from such a high height one time - he broke his sternum. 
Just like that. Broke his sternum. 

Now, they're married - and so cool.  I mean they drive a Subaru as well - that, by definition makes you cool, or at least on your way there.  

I had so much fun snapping photos the other week with them.  They are just such a joy to be around - and soon she'll be off to pharmacy school!  So proud and excited for them!

We ended up at their favorite spot - the New River - and scroll to the bottom - see what love Avery lavished on Jessie.



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