I love the contemplatives. 
This site is great - and I wanted to share this: 

New resolutions seemed full of promise last week. But some have already got lost in the ordinariness which takes over as the year gets under way. Prayer can be somewhat the same. It is sometimes energising, sometimes even exciting, but often mundane, even boring. This should not upset us. The tones and colours of prayer are affected by life’s ups and downs, and by the ordinary moods of everyday.
The Divine we meet in prayer knows all that. We are not persons of great prayer, but Jesus knows us through and through, and remains our friend for all time. Prayer is simple. It is about befriending the Mystery of God and ourselves. We allow God to befriend us in all that is our life. Prayer is as simple as that - just being with the divine as I am, here and now, and believing that the Divine is with me. Ignatius of Loyola invites us to start our prayer like that. He says ‘I will consider how God looks at me’. Teresa of Avila says: ‘Gaze at God gazing at you, lovingly and humbly’. One of the French mystics wrote: ‘You gazed on me and you smiled!’
Connectedness is the key. Because I believe that I am loved, I can allow the Divine to look at me. Prayer then transforms the ordinary and the mundane. It makes the Now a moment of grace and joy.


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