Get Ready World!

My sweet sister friend graduated.
No she isn't techinically my sister, but yes we shared a lot of things growing up - clothes, vacations, skiis, moms, melaluca....eh.... you get it.

I basically adore her.
People say we look alike. Truthfully I look more like her than my sissy, Elizabeth aka Lizardbreath.

Lauren graduated from Virginia Tech just a few weeks ago.

I felt like an obnoxious mom as I elbowed my way through to snap her picture as she grabbed her diploma.  I wanted to point out to everyone all the dangly things around her neck that are important.  I wanted to be like, "Hey look that's my sister friend. She's beautiful. He made her that way.  She is so smart and determined. I mean look at all those thingamajiggers around her neck. HELLO! Clap with me people." 
I would say that - or at least feel that and then snap away.
Plus I wanted to flash my Virginia ring in all their faces.  But moreover, I was so excited because while she was in college Lauren

What I mean is - she became so much more of who He intended her to be at the start of this life. I simply watched from a distance as her heart grafted in with His and she began to live from a place of love, truth, and beauty.

You may be wondering what is next for her.  Well. Big things.  This I know for the Bible tells me so.  But all signs lead to nursing.  She will be incredible at caring for people in whatever way she decides.  When we were little running around Wilburn Valley at Mom and PawPaw Mutters she cared for every infant within a 50 mile radius - and she was like 5 years old.  Her heart is soft and her hands are gentle.
If I ever birth offspring I would want her to be my nurse.
Yes. But mostly because I said offspring.

That said, I'm proud you LaLa. Let's go to Tibey Island and celebrate with lots of tanning, walks, games, and vino.

I cannot handle her dad's face in this.  He is so proud. I get choked up each time I look at it. AGH.


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