Dixieland Delights.

Sarah and Jenny took me to school in 10th grade.  They'd ride up to my house in the red Jetta fresh out of White Gate, Giles County, VA.  Usually they were blaring Kenny Chesney, Kid Rock, or usually Alabama (Live version, PUHLEASE).

They'd walk in.  I'd be running around with curlers in my hair and coffee in hand and Sarah would say something like, I need a shirt to wear.  I usually ended up giving her back one of hers to wear to school that day.  (they had great Tommy Hilfiger clothes...remember when that was the jam???).

We'd scoot out the door and off to school.
They really were the best. I L-O-V-E-D every minute I spent with Sarah, Jenny, Larry, and Becky - and Lovenut the cat with Feline AIDS - RIP Lovenut.

They are still so cool and warm my heart a lot when I get to see them.

Just before Christmas we brought the whole crew together for some fun in Merry Studios.  Sarah and Jiiiaaammy's (you have to say it like that)  babies are cute and hilarious.  Jenny and Ross are betrothed and I Love it. And Larry and Becky? Well, agh. They still flirt.

I loved it all.
Here's a quick preview!
Jenny and Ross's fun engagement shots soon enough.

that is so funny. and you know it


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  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB MARY! I love the headline too....so fitting! ;-)



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