When Abigail contacted me about wedding photos my heart fluttered on two levels. 
1. I was giddy for her new adventure of marriage and life.
2. I think she is really cool and I felt honored she would even ask me. 

Then there was the engagement session that entailed coffee, Crozet, Cville, and Ridge Road. I was in love. 

Add to that the other piece of this beautiful duo - Matt.  A real actor. (You will see some of his moves in these photos....) He is a real wonderful man to pair with Abigail and well....you have


Then, of course, there was Liz...and Chris....and The Haven, and things that make my heart pitter patter. 

The ceremony was holy, real, and one of my faves. 

The Mother/Son Dance was OUTTAA CONTROL and I freaked out and started dancing along on the sidelines as I took photos.  

To Abigail and Matt - lots of love from VA to Chi-Town.

PS - To the Mother of the Bride - your sweet note this week encouraged me so much.

PPS - Yes there was a photo booth, but those photos will come later!

PPPS - I made a video/slideshow of this...which will also come later.


Dress: Church Street Bridal, Lynchburg | Suit: Nordstrom | Flowers: Jacquelyn Collmus, Floral Designs | Hair and makeup: Tammy Stewart, Aunt of Bride | Ceremony: The Haven | Reception: Jefferson Theater | Program design: Emera LaSalle, friend of Bride and Groom | DJj/MixMaster: Dennis Shinners | Cupcakes: Friends and Family | Catering: Harvest Moon | Reception Site: The Jefferson



  1. D & I could not be more please with the photos. Thank you so very much, Mary Stafford!



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