Brandon + Jessica: A Tennessee Wedding

This summer I had a love affair with the state of Tennessee. True. 
I also fell in love with a part of the South I never knew.  
I would say Jessica and Brandon's wedding was my first, "Deep south Wedding" to photograph. (Note: one of my dear friends Anna Kate had a rockin' Deep South Wedding, but I could not really take decent photographs then). 

I LOVED this wedding.  I just hope I head back to the deep south often for more weddings, riverboat cruises, BBQ, heirloom dresses, BBQ, roadtrips, BBQ, pig farm rehearsal dinners, and nuptials nuptials nuptials. 

So happy for Jessica and Brandon and glad to have them nearby. So thankful they let me be a part of their day even after I almost had us killed by cows in their engagement session.  So thankful they smiled on despite 100 degree weather.  Also, really grateful the frat kids let me off the boat before their party - (an entirely different story).

Huge Shout Out to the Bride and MOB for all the awesome details.  I spent a good bit of the wedding weekend trying to convince Mrs. D (MOB) to go into event planning....we shall see!!!

PS - I took so many pictures at this wedding...and I've come to terms with the fact I LOVE these days and the moments that comprise them. I work like a dog, and love every minute of it. I may have even danced a bit....
PPS - Some fun photobooth photos coming in a later post.

Okay - enough. Now. look at this gorgeous bride.

I loved this couple. Not gonna lie. Wanted to go on a vacay with them.

Bride's Dress: Family Heirloom (sorry, can't order that bad boy) - Bridesmaids: Alfred Angelo - Groomsemen- Joseph A. Banks - Bow-ties: High Cotton - Cakes - O My Ganache - Caterer- Yum Yum BBQ -  Awesome Red Necklaces - Mary Chandler (Bridesmaid) and the Bride - Cute Hair Do's -Hair Gallerie


  1. amazing!!!
    I was really entertain watching the pics.. The wedding looks so very joyous.

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  2. I love:
    her eyes
    pics with magnolia
    reception dress



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