Amy + Andy + Rain | Eggleston Engagement Session

We'd planned this shoot for months.  I was excited to get to the farm and snap this cute couple.  A long drive down the interstate for them and a "I'm gonna run out of gas because I'm too late to fill up" sort of day for me. 

Then the rain. 

I thought, "Surely this is a passing shower."

No. Freaking. Way.
It rained more than it has rained any day this summer - but we managed to have fun while we got soaked.  We have a rain date planned, but I think that's more for fun than out of necessity! 

Congrats to Andy and Amy!

PS - At some point I just threw off my shoes.  Then. I stepped in a Cowpie/patty/manure.  The photo where they are laughing hard...yes. that would be when it happened.


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