Toddlers and Tiaras

Watching my friends raise up children is one of the most beautiful things I've witnessed in my adult life.  I wish I lived closer to each of them, and there are some babies I still haven't met.  Anna Kate's little girl, Eliza Joy's precious boy, Liz (I wish you had a blog) little guy, Laura's (you should also have a blog) little fellow, Josie's little beauty, and on and on and on.  
What can I say?  They're a fertile bunch. 

But I had the JOY of spending the day with one of my best friends a few weeks back. Her precious spirited child (who I feel a deep connection with on the spirited part) was the flower girl in our friend Amy's wedding.  Being a flower girl is hard work.  She did great.  Lindsey rocked it even more.  I swear, the selflessness is unreal.  

Thanks for letting me tag along and finally get a few shots of ya'll!  I am hoping more to come with you being back in the great state. (and maybe some more of my godson on a visit here as well!)

PS Title is clearly a joke.  We just sort of love the show.


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