Nationals Game: A Video Montage

I lived in Washington once.
It's true.

But, you see, that city did not agree with me.  Like picked pigs feet or sardines - there are some things in life that just do not agree with me.  Certain boys and certain highways do not agree with me.  My mother, does not agree with me but that is an entirely different use of the phrase (love you Mom!).

But what did agree with me about DC was the people.  That is the correct grammar in case you're wondering.

I had some great people in my life there in some various circles.  While I can't get my Listening Girls together, I could get the Hill Kids together.

We went to a baseball game and had fun.  I made a video, because that is also fun.

It all agreed with me.
Walk of Life. from mary Stafford on Vimeo.


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