When you're windblown you come in with crazy hair and while you may feel disappointed it looks frazzled - you're also laughing at the crazyness while confused by the mop on your head. 
Yes. I do think this is a metaphor for life today. 

You know how life can feel sort of wild and tough and yet hilarious. 
Is that a "yes" I hear? 
Great - then you'll relate exactly to how I feel right now as I try to wade through work and then photography (b/c it isn't really work, its JOY!) in an old lady's tshirt I bought at a thrift store while chugging the great value black cherry soda. 
YUMMY. Way to late to be doing this stuff. But Windblown. 
That's how I feel.

These Bridesmaids are my visual tonight. Thanks ladies, you're real pals. 


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