Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins.

we straggled in to our cousins house late on saturday night.
they were sitting. 
at the table waiting to start their dinner with us - nevermind it was 9 pm. 

despite the stress of just "getting there" - we unwound faster than a ball of yard in Alberta's cat (Alberta - my insane cat). 

after some food and fellowship - it turned into the perfect night. 

we love spending time with our cousins - our little and big cousins.  they welcome us like jesus each and every time and at the end of our visits i find myself breathing deeper and heavier. 

we had a great mother's day with them - church - indian food - and of course photos. 

here's a pictorial summary of our mother's day luncheon.  thank you to elizabeth for a great lunch!

the other elizabeth. gigi's mom. she is such a gentle spirit.

barb. delighted in her indian buffet.

we love her. we adore her. we thank god for her. 

barbracita had a time figuring out the croakie/frat thing - I think the aviators are becoming of her, but perhaps we will lose the strap. 

Jesus has come to save us, salve us, salvage us. Jesus finds his way to us. We don’t find Jesus; he finds us, we who are prone to get lost in life. That’s the way it is with Jesus.
-Br. Curtis Almquist

i think he may be the coolest rockstar at uva.

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