I used to talk all about my faith, and Jesus, and His goodness.  Then I felt phony, some people called me out, and I stopped.....but I'm feeling authentic again (which does not read as "I'm feeling really behaviorally modified and good). Authentic just means trying to be true to the pilgrimage He has me on. (And that doesn't mean I'm not into the gospel)
Faith can get complicated - but its so simple.
I think I just fear people judging me.

Okay - now that we've got that out of the way.

Agh. He is the best.
Seriously - sometimes I forget that but then you have moments where you just know His nearness, goodness, and love. Some people seem to have them like every other second.  Me? They're sort of sporatic - like a heart machine on Grey's Anatomy - totally quick and moving and then sometimes well.....they're few and far between.

Oh. but pals.
This pas weekend - I watched God do what he loves to do - bless, redeem, and bring joy.

Sometimes in photography - I take a picture and I'm about to die until I can look at it a thousand more times - and giggle and squeal and agh. just love the crap out of it.

These two photos were that - we worshipped Jesus at this wedding. Hallelujah.

The bride and groom in these photos are amazing and when I share more photos I may tell you more about them - but for now - just see them as people on the Way - the journey - the pilgrimage.

During the hymns I took no less than 200 photos (most of which will not make it out) but b/c I was living into the beauty of God through these people.  I was wiping tears as I tried to look through the viewfinder on my camera - and then I just held the button down and went to town b/c the tears clearly were not going to stop - and you know sometimes you just don't want or need the tears to stop.

So. See below. I have a gajillion more.

But for now pals. These are what I'm seeing the man who is Love in.


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  1. Awesome! I knew PW (pewee) back when I was in high school in Ohio :) What a small world. I appreciate your words and your work, Mary! Keep it up...God is blessing it!



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