Sometimes I find myself in situations that I can't really explain.  I'm sure you do as well - because we all have these wild adventures should we choose to see them. 

My friend Anne has a knack for getting me into these type of situations.  She'll invite me to come along and help out with something and the next thing I know I'm rubbing my eyes wondering, "How did I get here?"   Truthfully - Anne could ask me to come watch paint dry with her her and I would.  Moreover, she could say, "Hey Mary, we're going to empty out the septic tank next weekend I was wondering if you might want to come participate and see what God would have?" 

Now, I know what God has in store in a septic tank, as do you - but I would go regardless - to spend time with my pal and to see what God has in store (because just when I think I know what's in a septic tank - God would be the wild man and show up in a miracle - turning it into fishes and loaves or something wild like that).  (We'd also rave about my Godson - her grandson - because he is the best, but that's for another day) 

That said, and that's a lot to say - when Anne asked if I would come help with a retreat focusing on the work of the Amistad Mission in Bolivia - I replied, "Sure."  

Little did I know I would fall in love with Jesus all over again as I saw him in the people that came from all over because they love Jesus, and orphans, or sometimes they just love Jesus and people who love orphans.  

The highlight for me was a teaching from Father William on seeing Jesus in others.  I'm not nearly as wise or deep as him - so I'm going to use judgement - and just suggest you take my word, it was beautiful.  I breathed in deeply the aroma of Christ from these Pilgrims and hopefully I took another step towards Him - to trust him - and surrender - to hope for more depth - the depth I saw in these people as we sat around the table or the meditation room. 

Like I said, - I can't really explain how I got here. 

Check out Amistad - and see what God would have.  I know, I'm just some angsty blogger without nearly the influence of my pal Anne, but seriously - just click and check it out.  The stories woke something up in me - something I'm trying to decipher....but I guess that is what we do - we explore and open up and see what God would have. 

**More to come on The Jesus Prayer, Father William, Texas? and of course, my Godson.

 ...for there is no other name given among men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)



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