Life. And Shows.

You go for a run.
You sink into cow manure - but you keep running.
Because, Dangit - this is your plan.
And even though its gross, and in your sock - you just keep going - "it can't get worse" you think.

You push onward and the doodoo falls off a little bit.

And then you're done - a bit dirtier, but feeling better.

I mean - I could have taken that rando thought into an entire "life philosphy" or "spiritual growth" type thing.

But really - I sunk into cow poo - and kept going. But really, it is sort of speaking to me in a weird way.
and for some reason I thought it was funny enough to share here.

Which it isn't.
Because now you're grossed out.

And you're judging me for being gross.

I am.
You are.

Go run.


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