Bacon. Ham. Sausage. Glory.

Sometimes I come to terms with the fact I am...well...different. But so are you - and so is she and that's what makes the world go round - or some idealistic statement like that.
But really - it is a fun world - in the nitty gritty and in the glamorous.

I realize by sharing this little photography montage you may think I'm a freak.
But what I hope is that you will think I like bacon and all things in that genre.  Because, if you think that - then you are correct my friend. Tomorrow around 6 am, my mother/roomate/pal Barb will fry up some bacon.  I will then eat it and spend the rest of the day thinking about being healthy, eating berries, and doing yoga.  Somehow, I don't ever seem to want to cut out the bacon. Or sausage. Or ham. Or....you get my point.

That said - meat. It is great.

And a special thank you to my pals in the valley for letting me be the freak with the camera at their hog butchering. Thanks also for forcing allowing me to eat such things as:
  • pig liver
  • pig tongue
  • pig pancreas (I think this is called sweetbreads)
  • pig skin with the hair a bit on it because it did not fry off
  • pig kidney
  • human kidney (gotcha)
  • and I think something else gross. 
all in all. it was swell. I recommend you go sometime.  They may even feed you something from the list above - if you're lucky and well received. 

But beyond my food adventures, a few other highlights: 
  • watching a 70 something gentleman stick his hand into boiling lard because he wanted us to know when pure fat boils it can't burn you.  I didn't believe it but then I saw it. Crazy. Someone. Please. Explain.
  • realizing the casing around the sausage we all love is actually intestinal lining. (you can barf now and then proceed to fry up more sausage because that's what I did)
  • taking a photograph of my head and a pig's head. sort of like kindred souls.
  • spitting out liver in front of at least 10 grown men.
  • watching children play monkey in the middle with a pigs foot for the ball. (they are really thrifty)
  • feeling a bit of love and not hatred for a dog
  • wearing carhartts all day and not feeling like a poser.
Hogs from mary Stafford on Vimeo.


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