U.S. Marshall + U.S. Contractor

I've known my pal Morgan since we were little gals with wild hair and bad tempers.  We grew up together going to Kiawah Island, stamping up a storm, and shopping the deals at Beckly's Value City with the Chinese food buffet to follow.

Her mom is a blackbelt and would pin me down when I would get out of control (which was basically all the time).

Morgan is A-mazing. She's fallen in love and getting married.


So Check it.
She is a U.S. Marshall.
He is heading to Afganistan in a few weeks to save the world.

They are what some would call......

A power couple.

Lucky for me, I'm not a criminal or in the Taliban - just a photographer.

I L-O-V-E-D this day. Christmas Eve actually.  The only time these jetsetters could meet up.  Morgan was sweet enough to let me have my way with her.  I did her hair, make-up, the whole bit - because in my other life I went to cosmotelgy school. (I still haven't ruled this out).

this is my favorite. 

Like I said, this one above, up there - that's my favorite. It is the in between moment. The real life. The life well lived. I love it.  Makes me excited for the in between moments of their life.
The stolen glances.
The hand squeezes.
The winks.
Those in between not posed real life things

Love it. Can't stand it. Gotta keep moving to the next photo before I burst.

I'm so excited for them. They are really so great together.  You'll see she is laughing in quite a few of these.
Why? Because he makes her laugh.
She makes him smile big.
It works out well I think.

I may have asked her to bite his ear. Is that weird?  Well. Whatever. It was funny.



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